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Services Offered at Axon Neurology


BOTOX® is the first and only FDA-approved preventive treatment for Chronic Daily Migraine headaches. It is an injectable form of treatment, performed once every three months. Injections are performed by our physicians for patients who meet certain criteria.

Transcranial doppler ‘ultrasound’ (TCD) is a non-invasive imaging modality used to help inthe diagnosis of conditions affecting blood flow within the brain. It is used to screen patients with stroke, syncope, dizziness, aneurysm and other vascular malformations. It is also used for the surveillance of Sickle Cell disease.

Carotid ultrasound is a non-invasive imaging modality that produces images of the carotidarteries in the neck which carry blood from the heart to the brain. It is most frequently used to screen patients for blockage or narrowing of the carotid arteries. It is used in patients with stroke, syncope and frequent or constant dizziness.

A non-invasive procedure that measures the electrical activity of the brain, similar to an EKG. It is utilized for patients with seizures, memory loss, headaches, syncope and ADHD.

Skin biopsies are performed with 3mm in diameter punch biopsy for patients with peripheral neuropathy due to small fiber disease. Biopsy is performed with small amount of local anesthesia in office setting. Specimen are sent out to be tested for nerve fiber density for patients with peripheral neuropathy of unknown origin.

Muscle injections to treat painful ‘knots’ for symptomatic relief. Very fine needles are used for this procedures. The medication used is the common numbing medication, Lidocaine.